We understand ourselves as service providers who advise their clients at eye-level. We are well networked and in the position to perform interdisciplinary work. As key consulting areas, corporate law, tax law, labour law and construction as well as real estate law should be mentioned as examples. Thus, we are able to cover the range of consulting needs of national and international businesses in the optimal way. We offer everything from one source (full service).

This saves time and costs, as the often long-winded search for a suitable lawyer with corresponding expertise can be saved. Furthermore, in reconciliation processes, resources can be saved because the expert exchange with the colleagues working in other legal specialties is a matter of course to us. Our practical experience of many years is rounded out by our regular participation in expert conferences and advanced training.

Legal consulting for a private person is no less complex. It is important to us that we stand by our clients in difficult times, for example, when a job is lost or a close relative has passed away, and that we show compassion while demonstrating our competency.

  • Commercial law
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law
  • Labour law
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Administrative law for trade and industry / European law
  • Inheritance and family law
  • Copyright law, industrial property rights, competition law
  • Italian law
  • Agricultural law